Battlegrounds Map – best spawn locations, vehicle locations, and boat locations for where to start in PUBG

Everything you need to know about PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds map.

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The Battlegrounds map is not small – it can’t be, if it’s going to house hundreds upon hundreds of games over and over again – and even though it can feel like second nature at times, the ubiquitous design of the buildings, trees, and rolling battleground countryside are easy enough to get lost in.There’s also the matter of finding the best spawn location for your game, along with where to find the best vehicle locations if you’re caught a fair way from the safe zone, and generally the best place to start in PUBG. You’ll find answers on all of that – plus detail on things like how to use the PUBG map effectively – in our PUBG map guide below!

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PUBG Map explained – how to use the Battlegrounds map to your advantage

The map in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is more complicated – and useful – than you might think, at least at first. Before we get into specific strategies, here’s the map itself, along with a few simple things worth knowing from the off:

pubg map trick

PUBG Map things to know:

  • Each large square represents 1 kilometre, and each smaller square within that is 100 metres, meaning the landmass of the map itself is actually only about 6km across.
  • The map is very detailed, but one or two structures don’t show up – most notable of these is the complex of underground bunkers, found in the sixth square from the left, fourth up from the bottom (or F4, for the cartographers out there).
  • Different areas have different spawn rates for weapons, vehicles, and loot – a lot of players will aready know this, but it’s worth remembering that you’re guaranteed a better quality of loot at set locations, and planning accordingly. More on how to make the most of this below!
  • Within those high loot-spawning areas, there are some specific locations which spawn high amounts of guns and weapons in particular, which are worth prioritising if you’re going to land in one of these high-risk zones.
  • You can glide around 1.25 kilometres (large squares) from the plane’s flight path (whidch is randomised in terms of direction but always linear) from the point your parachute automatically triggers, or around two full squares if you trigger it earlier.
  • Markers can be dropped on the map with Right Mouse-Button, which are perfect for coordinating with a team or just keeping track of your own personal target destination, so use them as often as possible. The compass also uses specific numbers for more precise directional tracking, which should again be used for calling out enemy or point-of-interest locations with a team.

PUBG map spawn locations and vehicle spawns

PUBG interactive map and spawn locations

An excellent community-made map has been created here, which allows you to zoom in and out, drop markers, and show the flightpath and landing distances from within a web-browser.

Alternatively, this map created by user ShatterNL is a great way to visualise things, including specific spawn zones for weapons, loot, and vehicles:

pubg loot map

PUBG map strategies and the best place to start

Thanks to that randomised flight-path, there’s no definitive best place to start in PUBG. Instead, getting off to a good start is about making the most of the tools you have, planning quickly, and making some smart decisions. Luckily, there are plenty of things to bear in mind which can help you do just that:

PUBG start locations and spawn strategies

  • Remember the rough distance of 1-2 kilometres/squares as a guide of how far you can get from the flight path, depending on how high you open your parachute.
  • One tactic is to pick a map location with a high chance of spawning vehicles, that’s away from any conflict. Hop in the vehicle, and then you can drive to a loot-heavy location well across the map (away from any enemies) and give yourself a good 5-7 minutes to loot it, considering it takes 5 minutes for the first blue ring to spawn, and then a couple more for it to actually reach the white-ringed safe zone.
  • The underground bunker in square F4 on the grid isn’t shown on the map, but contains a reliably large amount of weapons and loot. Aiming for that, when its not directly under the flight path, is a good way to safely secure some weapons in a place most players will overlook.


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