PUBG Patch Notes November

The developer team is very excited in order to run the test server for the PC version 1.0. The players are invited to test new features which are jumping and climbing as well as other new features. The test servers will run for few days in order to let everyone test the game and send their feedbacks.

Here are the changes which will take place:

  • Client and server optimizations
  • Jumping and climbing features
  • Changes in driving feature
  • Ballistic renewal

The developers also made some changes in order to make some features more realistic and advanced. However according to them, these innovations are not limited with these and they ask for the feedback of the players. In addition to this, this test will be the first test to perform and therefore there may be unfixed problems and bugs. However in case they will not experience any critical problems, the developers will do their best in order to fix most of these bugs before the version 1.0.

The patch notes will be shared in detail however let us share some information about new features with you which are jumping and climbing. Action & Gunplay Leader Pawel Smolewski wrote an article about the newly added features and here it is:

Jumping & Climbing

Overcoming the obstacles and scaling them may offer many different tactics for the players. The standard jumping feature can be used in standard conditions however there are many areas which this feature will not be enough. PUBG has a great map in terms of the size. In addition to this, objects on the different places of the map have various sizes and shapes. This may cause many problems in players in terms of jumping on these objects or jump through them. Therefore, we have decided to apply the jumping and climbing mechanics.

This feature will allow players to overcome the obstacles they face in a quick manner. Although we have planned to overcome objects which are more one meter in length, we have decided to expand this feature by increasing the limits to 2 and 3 meters. All static objects which meet with the standards can be jumped over or climbed. In addition to this, it is possible to go through the gaps between objects unless they have enough space and enough length. You can also climb on any static object which has enough length. The objects which are higher than the chest level can be climbed with a gun. Both of your hands should be free for the longer ones (weapons will be removed from your hands during the animation). Running through an obstacle will provide your a momentum in which you can easily overcome it. It is possible to perform an action while standing still however the animation will be slower and the players will be vulnerable for a longer time.

The system offers 40 different animations which are adjusted to different height and conditions. We believe that there will be possible problems and bugs due to the nature of this system. It may take some time for us to solve these problems however we hope that you will have plenty of fun while playing the game and use these features in your favor. We will be waiting your reviews and feedback.

We will also note some other important changes in the following days. Please keep following us in order to learn the future updates that we will perform on the test servers.

We will continue to do our best about the cheat usage and we will use all of our sources in order to detect, prevent and ban the players who use cheats. We have took new precautions in order to monitor and detect these in recent days. We have also designed reliable systems in order to perform all of these in a reliable and efficient manner.

Our developer team has been analyzing the data they receive from the anormal gameplay data we receive in the game. Today, we can use a new system in a proactive manner to detect and ban the cheaters. We have detected more than 20 thousands cheaters in few days by using this system and we have banned all of them.

This is just a beginning. We will be using a tracking system in order to prevent the cheat use and punish them. We promise you that we are going to do our best in order to detect and prevent the cheaters. We hope that you will also notice the improvement in the near future.

Thank you.

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