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There are only 11 weeks until the end of the 2017 year and there are many problems in the development roadmap of the game. The developer team is working hard in order to be sure that they are going to publish the PC 1.0 version and Xbox Game Preview until the end of this year. Today, they are willing to share their plans and how the PC 1.0 version and Xbox Game Preview will be like.

Probably, most of you already learned the new content and features that will be available for the players through the interviews and written articles about the PC 1.0 version. As of today, a new structure is being used for the new content such as jumping and climbing, desert map, new vehicles and 3D replay (like kill-cam). The team which works on optimization and stabilization do not hesitate to tell us that they are going to share more about the roadmap of the game as it will develop.

The Launch Goals of the Game

The developer team focused on the productions of PC 1.0 and Xbox Game Preview. They are planning to offer us the most stabilized game that can be developed for the computer platform and they do not have any plans about launching the patches apart from this week. In addition to this, there will be features such as jumping and climbing, which will have a great effect on the game and will be tested for at least one month. They are going to run the test servers for at least three times in order to get prepared for this. I hope the power will be with those who downloaded the test servers.

They want to make large-scale tests for the content and features that are not currently involved in the game and they want to plan a precious releasement date for the game thanks to these test servers.

Plan of Test Servers

1st Stage: Jumping and Climbing tests

2nd Stage: Testing jumping and climbing, testing other new content and features

3rd Stage: All new contents and features including the desert map

The content and features which will be tested will be tested for at least 2 to 4 weeks.

In case they will be in hurry for the update for the current servers right after the tests then it will be hard for them to offer a stable service.

It will be possible to try jumping and climbing towards the end of October or early November. Then, a new update will be provided in line with the tests.

Leaderboard Update and FPP Servers

They are working on the leaderboard optimization in order to ensure that it will work in a stable manner. The new leaderboard will be postponed to October 20. Because updating the leaderboard table took too longer than expected. The team is sorry about the change in the beginning of this new season and no any explanation or announcement will be made about the starting date of the new season.

KR / JP servers have been added and all mods have been included in all of the mods (such as Solo, Duo, Squad and FPP version). In addition to this, First Person Squad mods will be included to SA, SEA, and OCE. FPP Squad was the most preferred mod by the players and therefore, they decided to include the Squad mode first. The FPP team will be included in this week after the update of the leaderboard system. They will continue to monitor the players and keep updating when it is needed.

Patch Notes for This Week

This week, a minor patch will be delivered for the servers. This will be the last patch that is delivered to the servers before they activate the test servers before they will officially launch the game on the market. This test took place on October 16, 3am PDT / 12pm CET / 7pm KST. In case everything will be observed to be stable, the patch will be delivered for the original servers.


In order to set the material balance on the Northeast of Erangel, the spawn levels of the Beginning Island item were reduced.

Fixed Bugs

When a player will be on fire due to the molotov cocktail, the fire animation and effect removed during the Beginning Flight. The plane will not be on fire anymore.

The bug which allows the players to hold a weapon and a pan at the same time was fixed.

The vibrating weapon user interface icons for viewer mode fixed.


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PUBG update, PUBG map, PUBG twitter, PUBG patch notes, PUBG stats, PUBG tips, PUBG server status, PUBG wiki, PUBG aimbot and PUBG aiming

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