PUBG Test Server PC 1.0 Update Notes

We are in front of you with a new PUBG patch note again. It seems like this update will be really great and full of fun.

The developing team wanted to make an update to their test servers today. Many players had experienced a disappointment since the previous update was postponed. Before they run the test servers again, the developers decided that the test structure is not stable enough and this is why they wanted to postpone the test. They will open the test servers for a short time in this week and players will be able to test the anticipated features during this time.

Please keep in mind that, test servers may go down without prior notice. The system they use for this test is quite stable and normal. This may be a great opportunity to test all of the features at a time. The developer team asks players to be understanding when they are working on the issues to solve.

The test will start tomorrow and they plan to run the test for a day. In case the developers will decide to expand the test program, they noted that they will announce this from their official social media accounts. But you can be sure that we will be sharing such a news as soon as it will be announced.

The update will take place on November 13th at 18.00 on the test servers.

Here is the test schedule:

PST: November 13, 18:00 – November 14, 06:00

CET: Monday, November 14 03:00 – November 15 03:00

KST: November 14 11:00 – November 15 11:00

Regions and Modes

  • NA SOLO First person / Third person
  • ASIA SOLO First person / Third person

This time they made two important changes. They have included jumping and climbing animations and they have arranged the game in general. You can read our article in which we have mentioned jumping and climbing as new features.

They made changes on the bullet effect, as well as they have made some changes in order to make the game more realistic. You can find the changes in below. The developers also noted that they will use a new algorithm in order to calculate the damage given in details.

Server Optimizations

  • The delay time of the upload of the map reduced.
  • The fps fall due to engaging with two enemies fixed.
  • The field data optimized in order to reduce the memory usage.
  • Optimized server performance developed by setting the network efficiency.

Gameplay Changes

  • Driving a vehicle changed to be more realistic.
  • The driving balance changed. They have made changes in the sounds of the vehicles to make them more realistic. The vehicle sound sources will be improved.
  • Vehicle and driver animations improved.

Bullet and Scope Adjustments

  • The bullets fired from the arms will be affected by the distance they travel. This means that bullets will lose speed in time and increase the bullet fall and travel distance.
  • Large areas (8x, 15x) have the zoom option which can be used by the scroll of your mouse.
  • Now you can change the brightness and view texture in red dot, holo, and 2x scopes.
  • The neck will be protected by the helmets.

Vehicle Adjustments

  • They have changed to all models of UAZ (Jeep) and the seat amount reduced to 4.

Interface Adjustments

  • The bag capacity interface changed which is on the inventory page.

Precautions Taken for Cheaters

  • They will be ready to release the first Early Access version of PUBG towards the beginning of the year.
  • With the recent efforts to make the precautions more effective the amount of the cheaters are reduced by %25 and those who have bad intentions or use plenty of cheats reduced by %50.
  • In addition to this, they know that these efforts are insufficient, therefore, they adopt more than few methods. They provide 24 hours track system, they made the safety system more powerful and planning to add anti-cheat features. They are still viewing some of the suggestions that they have received from the players.
  • The battle against the cheaters may be endless. However, they noted that they will be doing their best in order to provide more fair and healthy environment for players.

In addition to this, the director of PUBG noted that they will be launching the Desert map in December.


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PUBG update, PUBG map, PUBG twitter, PUBG patch notes, PUBG stats, PUBG tips, PUBG server status, PUBG wiki, PUBG aimbot and PUBG aiming

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