Pubg or in other words, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is breaking records on Steam. The multiplayer game earned 11 million dollars during the first week in the early access and sold more than 1 million copies. It is among the most viewed games in Twitch and it took place together with Global Attack, League of Legends, Hearthstone and Counter-strike. The main reason for the instant success of the game is: it is really but really good!

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds offers the things that many of the game should offer: it provides a large scaled battle with a multiplayer option. The battle is quite exciting and most importantly it is accessible. 100 people will be on an island with buildings, abandoned villages, factories and their aim is to find some weapon and kill the others.

The scale of the map will narrow as time passes and the survival chances of the players decrease as they have to stay outdoors. The last player or team remain in the game will win the game.

The game is not new or innovative however it is much better than the games on the market and it has a structure which can be consumed by the new players. These features make the game perfect.

One of the reasons why PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is successful is that players do not waste any time for the action. When all of the 100 players will be connected, the game offers you a map which does not create any obstacles for you or make any confusion. In case you will not be able to find a weapon during the first moments, that player usually dies as soon as possible. As time passes, the map which is getting smaller in size directs the players to the middle of the map and each other. The main reason for the air attacks is to direct the people to each other and it can be shown with the red color on your minimap. This is a move that is being made by the game in order to let the players get close to each other and start the action.

One of the other multiplayer games, DayZ became popular due to its unpredictable nature. DayZ does not have any ultimate goal and this is why player encounters may end with various scenarios: mutual fear and flee, annoying and long distance conflict, long time quietness.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds solve the problem of the conflicts by providing enough space to all players. You have to constantly move and you always have a goal. It forces you to pay attention. You learn how to track other players: open doors, weapon on the ground, however, there is no ammunition. Or more prominent thing: a move on the window or the sound of a car coming from a distance.

You can move easily while you are checking the map and inventory. It is much easier to place the goods on the ground by clicking on the right button of your mouse and drag them. It is much more balanced and it provides the real sense in terms of shooting. It only takes few minutes to join a new game. It may a lot quicker to lose some of the games in case you cannot find a weapon as well.

Although the game offers the early access, for now, it attracted attention from the entire world and the only thing that we can tell for a game like this is: we are going to hear its name a lot in the future.

The game is only available on the Windows platform for now and it will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One when the early access period will be completed.

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PUBG update, PUBG map, PUBG twitter, PUBG patch notes, PUBG stats, PUBG tips, PUBG server status, PUBG wiki, PUBG aimbot and PUBG aiming

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PUBG – Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

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