How to Win in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds?

It may take some time in order to master in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds which is one of the most popular games of the recent times. However, you can be sure that you will start to win after playing the game for few days. We have tried to master the game. And we are going to share some of the tips with our visitors. We are sure that we will talk about the details which will be useful for any player whether you start to play the game recently or playing it since the first day it was released in Early Access mode.

Before everything else, we would like to note that the winner will be the survivor, not the one who killed the most opponents. So, let’s start our guide.

Things to Do First

Button Assignments

We will advise you to change the button layout before you start to play the game. In case you get used to a different layout, the current layout may be quite challenging for you. For instance, you will put your weapon on your back when you press the X button instead of crouching or lying down. You can be sure that you do not want to experience such movements while you are in the middle of a fight. In addition to this, running button is Left Shift and this is one of the problems because you need to press Shift + Tab in order to run the Steam interface.

You need to click on TAB in order to check your inventory in the game. This is why you may open the Steam interface when you want to check your inventory while running. This will make you lose the seconds which can be quite important to survive. It will be better for you to set the running button as Left CTRL. We prefer the T button in order to change the weapon mode however you can still use the V button.

Which Weapon You Should Prefer and Why?

The characteristic features of the weapons in the game designed very well. You have many options such as shotguns, rifles, submachine guns, sidearms, assault rifles and sniper rifles. Some of these are conditional weapons. For instance, shotguns have a short range like in all of the games and they are the best ones in short distances. They are superior to all weapons when you are especially in narrow corridors and rooms however they are totally useless in medium distance.

Since their bullets can not penetrate, they are not effective against the opponents which are in a vehicle. In addition to these, the shooting modes and spray controls of the weapons vary as well. It is very important for you to determine the best weapon for your own style. Of course, you will collect anything you find when you start the game. However you may need to make some choices when you progress in the game. The weapon combinations will vary depending on your playing style. We highly advise you to carry at least one shotgun and assault rifle all the time. Try to avoid very long distance conflicts and let your opponents to shoot first to locate them well.

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